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The Flavor Equation : Sumac and Saffron Refresher Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be giving you little snippets from my
upcoming book, The Flavor Equation, and share a new recipe for you to try
until my book goes on sale October 27. This week it’s all about Emotion and
Taste and their role in Flavor. Our emotions help influence our taste and
taste in turn helps influence our emotions. When I’m happy and want to
celebrate I often turn to lemon, lime, or passion fruit based sweets. I
find them extremely comforting. When I’m feeling down, I lean towards food
that I ate as a kid when I was feeling sick or sad; kanji/congee is a dish
that does that for me. Think about the last time you were happy or sad,
what did you crave or what did you avoid eating and drinking?


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