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BONUS: Drone News – Skydio Promoting Unsafe Flight?, Casey Neistat’s Skydio 2 Video, Autel Evo 2 with RTK, DJI Ronin RS2 and Ronin RSC2 Our biggest story is about Skydio 2. When Skydio came out with the Skydio 2 after the Skydio R1 last year, many thought that the American manufacturer could be the DJI alternative that many were waiting for. But, Skydio's marketing language and strategy off late is not befitting of an industry leader that is aspiring to be.

From filming a marketing video in Yellowstone National Park to promoting fully autonomous flights, we discuss Skydio's latest industry moves. Tune in and let us know what you think!

Other topics discussed on today's show include Casey Neistat's Skydio video, the all-new Autel Evo 2 with RTK, and DJI's Ronin RS2 and Ronin RSC2. Enjoy!

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Is Skydio promoting irresponsible flying?
Are Part 107 pilots allowed to fly more than one drone at a single time?
How is the drone community think of the Skydio-DroneDeploy integration?
Is there any American drone manufacturer capable of filling DJI's rather large shows?
Casey Neistat shares a Skydio 2 video nearly a year after the drone launched - honest review or marketing gimmick?
Autel Evo 2 to come with RTK functionality soon
DJI Ronin RS2 and Ronin RSC2 flying off the shelves

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