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Altruu is people's love about the things they care

Investors and Members of the investor relations are respectfully requested to use the Altruu investor corner as a credible source of information on Altruu social network for investments. For further queries related to investment, to schedule an exclusive discussion, additional inclusive information, or investor resources, feel welcomed to contact our investor relations team.
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Prime Industry

Social Networking

Corporate Motto

For all that matters!

Commercial Status

Launched & Commercial


June 1, 2018

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Founder & CE0

Tenith Adithyaa M, Inventor & Innovation Scholar

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  • Subsidiary

    Altruu Innovation Centre

    Available In

    30 Languages


    Technology Enterprise - Social network and social media

    Parent Organization

    Tenith Innovations Pvt. Ltd.



    Business Sectors

    R&D, Education, Technology

    Company Status



    February 15, 2017

    Firm Ownership

    Privately Held (Private Limited Company)

    Company Honours

    Guinness World Record Holder - Technology

    Company Website

    Associated Organizations

  • Tenith Innovations (Commercial Entity)
  • Lets Innovate Youth Movement (Global Nonprofit)
  • International Science Federation (Non-Governmental Organization)
  • investor FAQ

    1. How can I invest in Altruu?

    You can purchase Altruu Social Network shares as preference shares through Series A investment.

    2. What is the current investment opening of Altruu?

    Our current opening of Series A round is five percentage of the company shares.

    3. How can I obtain Altruu Investment documents?

    Please visit investment documents section at

    4. How can I obtain further information or materials on Altruu?

    Please visit for additional information.

    5. When will Altruu hold its next annual meeting?

    The Board of Directors of Tenith Innovations has not yet set the date of our next annual meeting.

    6. When does Altruu's fiscal year end?

    Our fiscal year ends March 31.

    7. Who should I contact regarding investor and investment inquiries?

    Altruu Investor Relations,