About Altruu
Altruu is an global integrated social network and social media service. Altruu tries to connect people along with providing them genuine information and a platform for social service. The network uses a unique hexagon-based design along with a friendly interface, and the network enables its users to switch between global and local feeds, assuring them complete control over their privacy. Altruu was founded by Tenith Adithyaa, Inventor & Innovation Scholar of India and launched from Tamil Nadu, India, open to users worldwide. In addition to social networking, Altruu offers major sectors such as Wing, Crack’s, Talents and WOWs, providing the users its exclusive genuine and verified information, news, and entertainment contents.

Altruu is an knowledge company

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Altruu connects you with every information you need, enjoy the luxury of being social and do more than just getting connected.


Altruu is completely open to you. Share your life, know the world, let the world know you, make buddies around globe, involve in selfless service to our humanity and never ever limit yourself in having fun.

Use Altruu as your tool to contribute humanity by providing people with both genuine information and entertainment. We set no restrictions to limit you from flying!

Altruu was founded by Tenith Adithyaa, Inventor and Innovation Scholar of India, CEO of Tenith Innovations. Altruu as the name suggests, aims to be a social network that have selfless concern for the well-being of others. Altruu was founded with the motto of providing humanity a platform where everything they see is genuine.

Altruu is the first social network which lays its base on authenticity and humanity. Ever wondered the world is so huge and complicated? It’s just a matter of perception. See the world in the right way and you’ll find it more supportive and funtastic. Altruu is accessible through its web interface or mobile app available for iOS and Android. Be a part of the world’s most friendly and responsible social network ever. 

We would love to see you as a happy and responsible person, being and doing social. We are so glad that you’re here, lets spread love around the planet which is made of lots of you.


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Founder of Altruu

Tenith Adithyaa M

CEO, Tenith Innovations


An teenage scientist, a researcher, serial innovator, a software developer, motivational speaker, science campaigner, a professional coin collector, Guinness world record holder and a teacher at the age of 20 has 19 inventions.  

Inventor of Banana Leaf Technology, Tenith pursuing his 3rd year computer science engineering. He is the first Innovation Scholar of India. As the founder of "Lets Innovate youth" campaign, he motivated & interacted with more than 67,000 youth worldwide.

He also bagged 17 international awards, 10 national awards and 10 state awards for his scientific contribution and social services.

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